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Tristan Dominguez

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Oscillations showcases a carefully curated selection of the most forward-thinking dance music of our time. A perusal through past episodes reveals songs that go on to become big hits played on Oscillations well before they become mainstays in DJ record bags. Oscillations is the first place to find out about next seasons big producers and record labels in underground dance music. The man behind Oscillations is Tristan Dominguez, a 15 year veteran of New York City’s club scene and a DJ and producer. Every month Tristan meticulously searches through record shops and digital retailers to find what many other DJ’s have overlooked. As a DJ, Tristan’s sets are set apart by only using songs that elicit genuine visceral enthusiasm from dancers, there are no filler songs. This principle is what makes Oscillations stand out as well, as only the most well produced and written songs make the cut.

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tristan dominguez


Tristan Dominguez

New York native Tristan Dominguez is known for profoundly fun sets that fill a dance floor with enthusiasm. His distinctive sound has gotten a lot of the right attention from club owners and party promoters over the years, making him a favorite among the people that like to keep a room full. From underground warehouse parties playing hard techno to intimate rooms playing warm sensual house, Tristan has proven himself to be a DJ’s DJ time and again.

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