Because music not only creates an emotional reaction but also defines a place, a venue, a brand. We feel differently. What your guests hear is equally as important as what they see, feel, touch or taste.

The music played in your premises is critical in setting a tone that relaxes, engages and moves your audience. From downtempo chill out to house music, we’re international music experts. Do you want to create a special feel for your brand ? The Groove Society is a music label creating and releasing tracks, radio shows, compilations and CDs for the international music scene as well as for hotels, fashion brands, restaurants, lounges and clubs. Established in Dubai, U.A.E., one of the most dynamic and competitive scene for F&B venues and hotels, we developed our expertise in creating the perfect music selection for you and your guests.
The emotional impact of music is as much important as your cocktails, culinary creations or your interior design. It is part of your brand.

The Groove Society is working with more than 300 DJs and producers from around the world. Our existing catalog goes from Deep, House, commercial and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) to electro latin music and is growing every day by signing new artists and producing new music. Our partnership with Sony Music and our presence in more than 200 digital shops worldwide (iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, Amazon, ...

will ensure your music and your brand to be seen and listen to from almost everyone. Music creates an identity. Music is part of your Design, let us create it for you. Music & Hotel The infinitely complex world calls for mental shortcuts to keep it manageable. This is one reason why music in hotels is such an important element. Since guests cannot close their ears upon entering a hotel, the right music leaves no doubt about it. It will help cement the desired image from the very moment of entry, until leaving.
Solution Create and design a exclusive music concept in terms to stamp a strong music identity Project Scheme Lobby “This is the first impression”

The atmosphere should reflect the Soul and identity. Let there be no misunderstanding as to which hotel people are visiting. The decor, scent, staff, and music should all convey your brand image as clearly as possible.

Secondly, it is smart to consider the mental state in which your guests arrive. For this reason it is really important to have the proper music a the right time, One more fact to consider is music’s influence on time perception. As it turns out, different music styles have different effects on how we perceive the passing of time. Restaurants & Lounges In this point we would need to define with you the objectives of each outlets.

Slow music makes people act more slowly. It will lengthen the average visit and, yes, it has been studied that people take fewer bites per minute when dining with slow music in the background. Turns out that slower music results in higher spending on drinks, as people stay a bit longer and take some extra time for their conversations and meals.

faster and louder music for multiple dinners per table per night with a buffet is the perfect way Your aim is to keep people in your restaurant and maximize revenues per guest? Or you are looking to have more guest rotation in your venues? Below you will find our proposal and music design for all the venues