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Tristan Dominguez


A natural storyteller with DJ sets that showcase a meticulously curated and wide-ranging music collection.

New York native Tristan Dominguez is known for profoundly fun sets that fill a dance floor with enthusiasm. His distinctive sound has gotten a lot of the right attention from club owners and party promoters over the years, making him a favorite among the people that like to keep a room full. From underground warehouse parties playing hard techno to intimate rooms playing warm sensual house, Tristan has proven himself to be a DJ’s DJ time and again.

Born to a Chilean novelist father he was raised with an appreciation of art and storytelling from an early age. An avid music collector and evangelical about his musical taste, he became a regular attendee at seminal New York clubs like Twilo and Centro-Fly.

Eventually he procured a set of turntables and found his calling.

With a lot of trial and error in front of audiences through residencies at small venues like Sapphire, Moomia, and Red Room, he honed the empathy and observation skills necessary to reliably satisfy people looking to dance, to read the crowd and respond accordingly. If a song got popular or he even heard another DJ play it, he would retire it immediately, insuring that his sound stayed as unique as he could.

By 2011 he took up production and had his first release with frequent collaborator Mitch Wells on Kynatix, titled “Square World”. His first solo record, “Hot To Trot” was released on System Recordings in 2016 and he has several upcoming releases slated for 2017.

Throughout the decade he’s worked as a content curator for the illustrious Satellite Records, started his podcast Oscillations which can be found on Itunes and broadcasts monthly on Global Mixx Radio, and racked up bookings at an impressive roster of venues including Pacha, Verboten,

House of Yes, and Cielo, playing alongside some of his musical heroes like John Selway, Hernan Cattaneo, & Tom Middleton. Currently he’s a resident for the roving party Sullivan Room at various locations.

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