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The Cube Guys Interview

 INTERVIEW Hī Guys, Many thanks for sharing your time with The Groove Society.    When did you start DJing - and what or who were your early passions and influences? What what is about music and/or sound that drew you to it?   We start deejaying around 1985 (Roberto) / 1995 (Luca) considering our ages differences and our early passions were related to music of course, we love any technical and […]

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Nacho Sotomayor Interview

Nacho Sotomayor  musician and producer of extensive professional experience and international recognition, for over a decade has been offering us a nearly annual installment of his album series « La Roca ». His work has been oriented almost in its totality to Ambient Chill, Downtempo, Lounge sounds, although it’s worth mentioning that he’s also done some productions in other areas and for other artists In 2008 he received the award […]

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Dany cohiba Tgs


Dany Cohiba Interview

DANY COHIBA DJ Exclusive Interview.   1 When did you start DJing - and what or who were your early influences? my first influences, when he started as a DJ, have been the funk and chicago house music , people like the D-Train, Marvin gaye, Kool & The Gang, Marshall Jefferson, Darryl Pandy, Steve "Silk" , Jellybean ... 2 What were some of the main challenges and goals when starting […]

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Darin Epsilon


Darin Epsilon Interview

Exclusive Interview with Darin Epsilon      1.  When did you start DJing - and what or who were your early influences? I'm originally from Chicago, the birthplace of House music, so I was exposed to electronic music from a very young age.  I grew up near Northwestern University and every night they would feature DJ's on their college radio station.  This was my first proper introduction to Trance, Progressive House, Drum […]

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