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Stan Kolev Interview

September 26, 2022 - Dj Life
Stan Kolev

Hi Stan, How are you ?

We hope this email finds you well and safe!
Many thanks for sharing your time with The Groove Society.

I am great! Thank you for the invite.

1 When did you start DJing – and what or who were your early influences?

The year was 1996 and the club was “The Living Room” in Miami Beach.

I grow up in the 80’s, so my music influences co

Stan Kolev

me from that era.

2 What were some of the main challenges and especially your goals when starting as a DJ and how have they changed over time? What is it about DJing, compared to, say, producing your own music, that makes it interesting for you?

Turntables and mixers were expansive. Vinyl records were also coasting a lot.

Main goal was to be able to do what I LOVE and make a living with it!

Producing Music is basically creating something out of nothing. Can’t live without it. I play my own music in my DJ sets. Shearing what I’ve created with the people.

3 How would you define the job and describe the influence of the DJ? How are the experience and the music transformed through your work?

Taking the people on a Musical journey of joy and contentment. Celebrating life!

DJ’ing is not a job to me. It’s pleasure!

4 What was your first set-up as DJ like? How and for what reasons has your set-up evolved over the years and what are currently some of the most important pieces of gear for you?

I started with 2 Technics 1200 turntables and a Pioneer mixer. 

Now I am using Pioneer CDJ’s

5 Tell us about a normal day in your life and a day when you will perform as a DJ

I wake up early 7 – 7:30am. Usually do Yoga and breathing or sometimes gym or tennis and by 9:30am I’m in the studio. When I have a show, I mostly chill during the day.

6 What is the show/gig you played in your career ?

Too many…

7 What is your state of mind during a DJ set? What supports this ideal state of mind and what are distractions?

Gratitude! I try to stay focused. 

8 What are some of the considerations that go into deciding which track to play next? What makes two tracks a good fit? How far do you tend to plan ahead during a set?

I don’t really prepare my sets. Playing mostly my new unreleased and favorite tracks. The key of the track is pretty important.

9 Which are the essential tracks in your sets ?

All of them!

10 What is your favorite club or festival you have played in ?

Don’t have a favorite one. They are all different and special.

11 How would you describe the relationship between your choices and goals as a DJ and the expectations, desires and feedback of the audience? How does this relationship manifest itself during a performance and how do you concretely tap into it?

No goals and no expectations! Go with the flow. Take the audience on a journey so they can forget their worries and daily doubts.   

12 Especially thanks to the storage facilities of digital media, DJ sets could potentially go on forever. Other than closing time, what marks the end of a DJ performance for you? What are the most satisfying conclusions to a set?

Seeing happy people!

13 Art can be a purpose in its own right, but it can also directly feed back into everyday life, take on a social and political role and lead to more engagement. Can you describe your approach to art and being an artist?

It’s about creating something out of nothing in any Art form. That’s Divine!

14 After having achieved everything as a DJ, where do you set your goals?

I started to produce and DJ because I love MUSIC and I’ll do it till the end. No goals.

15 Stan, your are the #1 Producer in Progressive house, the artists who has most tracks in the charts and best sales in this genre and this for many years. Where do you get all the inspiration to release so many tracks and always maintain the quality of your music ?

I don’t care about charts. Most of them are fake anyway. I do what I LOVE.

Inspiration comes from everyday life and the ability to create something new and unique never gets old. We all learn something new each day. I spend a lot of time on researching and studying new equipment, plugins, new way of mixing and mastering. That’s how I maintain the quality. 

16 Which of all your productions are you the most proud of?

I am proud of all of my productions. Don’t really have a favorite.

17 What is or are the essential plugins in your studio ?

Solid State Logic, Plugin Alliance, Waves, Native Instruments and many more.

18 Your Label with Matan Caspi “Outta Limits“ is one of the most selling progressive house labels on Beatport. We know many producers and they are crazy about releasing music with you. How can they send you the demos?

Please send demos to: demos@outtalimitsrecordings.com

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